Reasons Why You Should Use Dog Shampoo for Your Dog

You feed your pet good food, ensure it gets to exercise appropriately and spoil it with affection like any other family member.  But that may be your grooming mistake—washing your dog with human shampoo. This may look convenient to use, especially if it is your shampoo, but it is bad for your dog's health.

In this article, we will show you why you should always use dog shampoo to ensure that you are using the right products for your dog. Read on for more information.

1. Different pH Levels

The skin pH levels of dogs are different from those of humans. Human typically have a higher pH level compared to dogs, whose skin is near neutral pH. Using human shampoo can be dangerous as it interferes with the skin acidity level, making the skin irritated, dry, and prone to infections.

2. Sensitive Skin

Dogs’ skin is more susceptible to various conditions than that of people. Your dog’s skin may become dry, scaly, and itchy, and its hair may be damaged if you use a shampoo made for humans because the oils that protect their skin are washed away by such strong or caustic ingredients contained in the shampoo from humans. Such shampoos do not irritate animal’s skin and help to maintain healthy fur.

3. Allergies and Reactions

Most human shampoos have added scents, colors, and other chemicals that may cause skin irritation in dogs. The signs and symptoms can be mild itching to more extreme manifestations such as redness and inflammation. Dog shampoos do not contain these elements and are sometimes sulfate-free, making them more suitable for your pet.

4. Effective Flea and Tick Control

The majority of dog shampoos don’t have scents, colors, or other chemicals that may irritate the skin of a human being. Some symptoms may include such slight things as scratching, while others are characterized by inflammation with visible redness. Dog shampoos do not contain these elements and are sometimes sulfate-free, making them more suitable for your pet.

5. Coat Health

Dog shampoos ensure that their coats remain well maintained through frequent washing. Even though dogs are clean after a bath, their fur may become damaged, which is why dog shampoos contain conditioners that help maintain the fur’s softness, and shine, and are easy to manage. The shampoos made for human use strip the skin and make the coat of the dog appear lifeless and tough.

6. Anti-itch

Human shampoo is thought to have some components that viscously attack dogs’ skin, triggering itching. Sometimes, other brands of shampoo may have some smells or colors which can harm the dog's skin. This is because dog shampoo is gentle and contains extra moisturizing abilities that will ensure that the skin and hair on your furry friend remain healthy without itching.

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