1,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Advanced Daily Pet Care with a Natural Touch

Premium, Scientific Formulations
using the Finest, Human-Grade Ingredients

1,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Formulated by Beauty Experts & pHD Scientists

Best-in-Show Formulas dramatically
transform skin, coat and body
Gently Anti-Bacterial
made in usa
Natural Ingredients
Clean & Non-Toxic
Cruelty Free
pH Balanced
Scientific Formulations
Moisturizing & Repairing

What our customers say

I love their shampoos

I love their shampoos - it literally leaves my dog's fur feeling the softest I've ever felt and I love knowing that the products are clean and natural! Love everything from this brand.


This paw sanitizer is fantastic

This paw sanitizer is fantastic - especially for service dog handlers. Keeping my service dog's paws clean and disinfected is extremely important to me, but I don't like the idea of using harsh chemicals on her. This is a must have for any service dog kit.

Lady Phoenix

Finally a natural ear cleaner

Finally a natural ear cleaner that I don’t feel guilty about using on my dog’s sensitive ears. Definitely does a great job of taking the gunk out and my dog doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

Paul R

I love this product

I'm often asked which over-the-counter products I'd recommend for pet parents as a veterinarian. I am impressed with the Divine Canine line of products. So many pet ear cleansers are just awful smelling so I love that this product is odorless.

Dennis C

A fabulous dog shampoo!

This is a fabulous dog shampoo! A little bit goes a long way and is very gentle on my pup’s sensitive skin. This shampoo has a made a big difference in keeping my dog comfortable and not itchy all the time. Love the scent and the non-toxic ingredients as well!

Shopaholic Mom


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Discover the Divine Difference


Healthy Coat & Skin

Nutrient-rich, gentle and non-toxic formulations promote overall well
being and a gorgeous appearance.


Daily Protection & Repair

Stimulates healthy cell repair, soothes
irritation and protects pH and
microbiome for a strong skin barrier.

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Softness & Nourishment

Enriched with a luxurious blend of
powerful moisturizers and conditioning agents for ultimate
hydration and shine.


Premium, Human-Grade Ingredients

Made with natural and above-standard ingredients to deliver the highest quality and performance.

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