Our Promise

Clean, safe, luxury grade ingredients that work together in harmony to truly transform dog hair and skin

Let's Break it down...

a botanical that contains amino acids and enzymes; acts as a potent moisturizer and soothing agent.

a botanical that naturally acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial and contains antioxidants. Helps to reduce skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals.

a mild and naturally-derived coconut-based cleanser and is a safe alternative to sulfates.

a natural surfactant, foaming agent, conditioner and emulsifier derived from coconuts.

contains superior fatty acids resulting in intense hydration while cleansing deeply without stripping away natural oils.

a chelating agent that maintains the integrity and freshness of the shampoo by scavenging metal ions.

a powerful humectant that is naturally present in skin; it attracts water to the skin, helping maintain its moisture level.

functions as a conditioning agent for skin and hair, helps deposit active ingredients and provides anti-static properties.

a naturally derived conditioning agent with excellent moisture binding capabilities and known to improve combability of hair.

natural moisturizing protein with amino acids that plays a major role in strengthening skin while improving elasticity and hydration. Stimulates cell growth and repair.

a 100% vegetable origin, biodegradable, mild cleansing agent that creates  foam and is a safe alternative to sulfates.

a botanical with versatile benefits; promotes relaxation and eases tension while naturally antibacterial.

this is pro-Vitamin B5 which is intensely hydrating and helps repair cells while improving the look and feel of skin with superior conditioning properties

used as a preservative to prevent yeast, bacteria and mold; naturally found in green tea, but the ingredient used in cosmetic products is synthetically produced in a lab.

used primarily to control the pH level of a product. Widely found in citrus fruits and contains  antioxidants and preservative properties.

a powerful humectant that brings softness and moisture to skin.

a gentle cleansing agent and safe alternative to sulfates that is partially derived from coconut and palm kernel.

an effective and gentle cleansing and foaming agent derived from sarcosine, an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. *NOTE: This is NOT the same as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

this gentle cleansing and foaming agent is a safe alternative to sulfates and cleans without stripping skin’s natural pH.

this is Vitamin E and protects the skin from free radical damage while strengthening the skin barrier.

a natural ingredient that helps bind together oil and water formulas and keeps the texture from being too thin or runny.